In a world of secrets and lies, tabloid reporter Cali Cavaleri discovers an ancient portal to truth

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Sam Vitez

Sam Vitez was born in Colorado but raised in Exeter, England. At age 12 she won a national award for Best Promising Actress in a school play and was immediately bitten by the stage bug. She went on to graduate from the University of the Arts in London then headed for the States to pursue a singing career after performing vocals for such English rock bands as “Pentasonic”, “Little Miss & the Big Bellied Frog,” and “Meynall & King Alfred Band”.

Sam credits herself as a performance artist. She writes her own music, plays several instruments and is currently lead vocalist for the rock electronica band, “Rough Duchess” (formerly known as “Lady Disaster”). The band recently released their first album, “Naked Fashion” and performs locally at clubs through the Los Angeles area.

In her spare time, Sam loves a sporting challenge. She rock climbs, mountain bikes and is even quite good at slack lining (tightrope walking).