In a world of secrets and lies, tabloid reporter Cali Cavaleri discovers an ancient portal to truth

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Cherie Peters


Cherie Peters first fell for STACKS and its creator Kathy Forti when she was Vice President of New Media Business Development at MWG Media. Peters asked Forti to transform her award winning pilot into a web series and change the lead to a female. The project stalled and Peters subsequently left to run Pacific Rock Productions. The two met again at a screening and decided to join forces to bring the series to life.

Peters is an Emmy Award Producer and Director and has spent a career making television series that match her passions including travel, food, art and entertainment, health and fitness, tennis, short films, music videos and human interest stories. (And of course the passion project STACKS!) It was with that same passion she founded Pacific Rock Productions in 2001. Her stint as an exec in new media has helped to reshape her own company with a focus on blending new media with traditional television.


Her credits include Emmy award winning documentaries as well as network and syndicated series, including series for Fine Living, Ovation TV, HGTV, Food Network and  FIT TO HIT for the Tennis Channel.